Did you vote yourself straight to hell?

According to a Roman Catholic priest in Columbus South Carolina the answer is yes, if you voted for Obama! The S. Carolina priest, Jay Newman, told parishioners that if they voted for the pro-abortionist Barack Obama they should refrain from taking communion lest they “eat and drink to their own condemnation.” Parishioners who voted for Obama were told on the church’s website that they should be reconciled to God through confession and penance before participating in the eucharist calibration. In effect, Newman told his congregation that if they voted for Obama they were no longer under God’s grace and thus condemned to hell until reconciled.

Stephen Gajdosik, spokesman for the Catholic Diocese of Charleston, stated that Newman acted within the confines church teachings with regards to his authority as a local priest. It is clear form Gajdoski that condemnation issued from a local priest towards his congregation is justified and binding, but not binding on Catholics outside his jurisdiction. This is confusing to say the least. It is not as though we are talking about local secular government here; we are talking about what Catholics believe to be divine law. Inevitably Catholics will ask, “Is God a discerner of persons?” Is it okay for a Catholic in Chicago to vote for a pro-abortion candidate while a Catholic in South Carolina falls from grace for doing the same thing? God forbid such confusion should exist with God.

The truth is: many Catholic bishops and the Vatican haven’t yet figured out how to reconcile their anti-republican sentiments with republican morals. They despise the group most outspoken in opposing abortion rights; the religious right. They cringe at the thought of being associated with breakaway heretics. In the midst of their confusion, they are confusing regular Catholics, many of whom are so indoctrinated by poor instruction they have little recourse but to blindly follow the whims of their priests. God doesn’t judge you by your voting record; He judges you by your heart. The fruit a tree bears is not produced by the actions of the tree, but by the nutrients supplied from within. If a person voted for Obama, though they stand opposed to abortion, they have not violated any moral law.

Sincerely, a conservative republican!


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