Atheism: The Product of a Growing Liberal Agenda

Social networking via the Internet has rapidly become the most popular way in which people who share common interests come together. People form all over the world can share their ideas, struggles, and common questions regarding anything from sleep apnea to menopause. Whatever one’s interests, there is likely a social Internet group out there eager to welcome a new member. But there is one social group that is growing particularly fast, especially among younger generations (or so it seems), where its members will deny that they anything in particular in common with one another. They are atheist, and as much as they deny commonality they have one thing very much in common, and that one thing is the very thing that brings them together in cyberspace.

I had always thought the one thing all atheists have in common is an absence of belief in a deity. I was wrong; they do have that in common, but it is not what compels them to seek out one another. What induces them to gather on the Internet is a strong inclination towards a far left liberal agenda, and their sworn nemesis is conservative Christianity. Although atheism has been around for several millennia, it has never before developed into a cult – but now that they have a distinct common cause, that is beginning to change.

If you troll around the Internet exploring atheist blogs you might pass them off as just spouting anti-religious gibberish. But if you take the time to look a little closer you will find next to nothing about anti-Muslim, anti-Jewish, anti-Hindu or anti-anything other than Christian. Why? Because Christians represent what they truly hate: conservative values.

As part of my research I decided to enter into a discussion on an atheist blog. I decided to comment on a post called, (Still) Wondering Why Christians Visit Atheist Blogs on a blog run by “Mark P.” called “Proud Atheist.” I stated that I was amused by the apparent contradiction between the title of the post and the fact that they used Christian tags to promote it. I also said that I had no interest in debating them, I simply wanted to understand their common bond. Mark, the owner, made it perfectly clear that I was not welcome there so I decided to not comment further. But then another atheist piped in with this:

“Another fundie without a clue. There is no debate you asshat. You have no valid claims, no evidence and your harmful beliefs are delusional. Your cult’s faith is belief in something without evidence and which is not true. Sorry, your entire life’s foundation is based on lies and Iron Age superstitions. The only waste of time is your life.”

Asshat? That was new. I thanked the brusque commenter for opening his/her heart to me like that, but the apparent literalist informed me that his/her heart is nothing more than a muscle that pumps blood. Personally, I didn’t see it as anything more than that either. However, I interpreted this commentator’s personal shot at me as an invitation to join the discussion, so I did.

The first thing I discovered from the comments was a common belief among the atheists that Christianity is dangerous, so I wanted to know why they think this. It soon became apparent that the real issue was not their dislike of Christian doctrine, which I would later find out they no nothing about, but rather their opposition to conservative values as illustrated in the following comment from one of the atheists.

“If a Christian believes the bible is literal they are much more willing to do violence. It is these types of views that make Christianity dangerous. It is also the lack of words from the liberals and moderates to stop the hate of the more conservative. I know some of that is the liberal and moderates fault.”

Another atheist was upset because we Christians oppose free speech in the form of obscene lyrics and videos.

So I got it; it’s a liberal verses conservative thing. So if these liberal atheists want to used the excuse that the Bible teaches Christians to be violent in order to oppose our conservative values, they aught to be able to show from the Bible where that violence is being taught – but they cannot.

I began to prod them for a focused discussion on orthodox Christian doctrine; the very doctrine that was delivered to the apostolic church (first and early second century Christians), but found no takers. Instead they pointed to things like the Inquisitions – never mind the fact that most of the victims were Christians, a fact that didn’t seem to matter to them. Some of them claim to know the Bible better than most Christians yet they lacked any actual ability to discuss our basic doctrine. One of them claimed to have been educated in a “faith school” for a number of years. She wanted to know what brand of Christianity I was and when I pointed to the apostolic church saying, “There is no brand of Christianity there,” she thought I was a member of the apostolic church. That, along with allusions of Jesus being born on the 25th of December and a mention of three wise men, was all I needed to confidently conclude she had no idea what Christianity teaches.

I addition, the two hottest topics of our discussion happen to be two of the hottest topics of the liberal agenda: abortion and homosexual rights. In fact, when I stated that homosexuality is not natural, the Christian-educated atheist replied:

“You believe that homosexuality is wrong. You are wrong. You have proven yourself to be repugnant in my eyes with that one statement.”

From there she went on to tell me (finally) why conservative Christians are evil and dangerous:

“If you give food to a hungry man and also pass on the “word of God” and that man is gay there may be negative feelings stirred in him about his validity, his right to be who he is. That’s evil.”

And that is what it really comes down to. They know little or nothing of our doctrines; their only gripe against liberal Christians is that they don’t speak out enough against conservative Christians; and they believe Christianity is dangerous because of our stance on social issues. The fact that blogs like Proud Atheist are growing in popularity is not because atheists have found a happy place to mingle, it’s because they are part of a rapidly growing cult of anti-Christian anti-conservative far left liberals.


2 Responses to Atheism: The Product of a Growing Liberal Agenda

  1. Sukey says:

    1) I never said you could quote me.
    2) I was educated in a CofE school and had this stuff rammed in my brain on a daily basis. I didn’t believe it then and I don’t believe it now. The stories were funny or, occasionally, thought provoking. They never managed to convince me any of it was real. I know it annoys you that I do know this stuff; I understand that the best way to dispel the perceived threat is to pretend we don’t understand and give us a cyber pat on the head. I’m sorry for you it won’t wash.I know you need to believe it.
    3) Every time I tried to explain exactly what about christianity I had a problem with you ignored me and moved the goal posts. This was tiresome.
    4) You refused to tell me which denomination you were. I could only hazard a guess. If you believe it doesn’t matter then you are wrong. You might believe that there’s only one true form of christianity but others don’t and these schisms lead to violence. You pointed towards the initial teachings of the apostles. I’m sorry if I have offended your sensibilities but we can hardly debate properly if you refuse to tell me your actual stance.
    5) I explained that the majority of the teachings of your jesus character did not bother me. You do not explain that here.
    6) The figures I alluded to were all around before your so-called saviour. Christ’s “birthday” is celebrated on 25th December – I was trying to make the point that there were mythological characters who pre-dated Jesus and therefore the bible is not proof of him ever existing; he was clearly cobbled together from pre-existing myths; the common interpretation is that Jesus had three visitors; I am aware that the bible never specifies. I was making a point. I want to credit you with the intelligence to appreciate this. I don’t know if I can. Funny you talking about people taking things literally. I merely pointed out that there are some flaws in your story. You ignored that nicely.
    7) You accuse me of being incapable of debating properly because I don’t understand christianity; I understand it perfectly well. I suspect you know this but cannot accept that anyone wouldn’t want a friend in jesus. I don’t need to study the bible every day to know that a) it isn’t for me and b) it can be and is used to incite violence. By christians.
    8) I told you that any pogrom is wrong. You ignored that. We were discussing the evil of christianity. How did you not think the inquisitions would come up? Managed and conducted by catholics; whatever way you spin it they are christians. And religious violence is the domain of the religious.
    9) What exactly is wrong with being just a little bit liberal? Seriously? What on earth makes you think you have any right to say what someone else does with their own body? If I ever have to hear “love the sinner, hate the sin” again I might become one of those famous violent atheists. You have an opinion (why, I don’t know; why not mind your own beeswax?) and you have a right to that opinion but when you campaign to change any laws based on your opinion then other people have a duty to campaign right back. I say “love the good deed, query the religion”.
    10) What exactly have I not understood about your doctrine? You never enlightened me? You simply wandered off to write an ill-informed blog of your own. Are you honestly saying there aren’t chritians out there trying to stop people being gay because the bible tells them so? If you are, you are even more deluded than I first thought.
    11) In a world where, even in sensible England, I am forced to listen to people rapping for Jesus on the street as I try to shop, it is even more important that atheists at least have somewhere we can talk and discuss the issues facing us. And christianity is an issue facing us. Your complete lack of understanding of what we are is incredible. You accuse those of us who took the time to try and debate with you on Proud Atheists of not understanding your religion. You need to take a look in the mirror. The sad truth is you don’t want to understand us as you are terrified that we might represent a sensible, well-balanced future that you doubtless want no part of.
    12) You are very short-sighted. The blog post you clumsily involved yourself in was called “(Still) wondering why Christians visit atheist blogs”. The clue was in the title. Don’t be so arrogant as to assume that we don’t have plenty to say on other religions. We do. You’d probably like it; I’m REALLY anti-Islam.
    13) I’m very bored of you. You seem to have very little of substance to say. I have tried, repeatedly, to engage you in a meaningful debate. You aren’t capable of having one which is in any way sensible. I am bowing out now. I have discussed you with friends, religious and not, and the best word that has come up for you so far is “crank”. Not mine, I must admit. A christian who appreciates the history of his faith and has found some way of reconciling his personal faith in Jesus without resorting to lying and name calling of anyone who disagrees. I wish you well, but not success. I fear any success of yours may result in someone’s human rights being violated because of a myth.


  2. I think you just made my point.


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