What Atheists Believe: What would you add?

Mark P. of Proud Atheist provided a list of what atheist believe. ”The list can be read here. Mark asks his readers, “What would you add?”

How about these:

Atheists believe it is okay to seize snippets of our sacred book and use them to smear God and His people without any regard for context. Why not at least examine the context first?

Atheists believe in love so long as it doesn’t involve people of faith. At least that has been my experience.

Atheists believe in kindness so long as it is not directed towards people of faith. A quick visit to Proud Atheist will attest to that.

Atheists believe in family unless you are of the family of God.

Atheists believe (or at least some do) that people of faith are fair game for ridicule and scorn.

Atheists believe in a woman’s right to choose the fate of her unborn child.

Atheists believe unborn children have no rights.

Atheists believe that creationism is a fairytale.

Atheists believe in the fairytale of evolution.

Atheists believe that faith in God is silly.

Atheists believe our ancestors were monkeys.

Atheists believe there is no evidence for God.

Atheists believe the non-evidence of a missing link. Atheists do have faith after all!

Atheists believe a person is hateful if they do not support the homosexual lifestyle. I would like to think this is not true of all atheists.

Atheists believe that it is natural for a person to be bisexual.

Atheists believe they will never bow their knee to the God of the universe. I believe they are wrong.

And more importantly, atheists still have time to reconsider the damage they are doing to others who might actually be interested in honestly examining the Christian faith and exploring the depth of God’s love!

Atheists should either learn what Christianity is or leave it alone.

Disclaimer: This list is compiled from my own experience with atheists and does not necessarily represent the beliefs of all atheists on every point.


26 Responses to What Atheists Believe: What would you add?

  1. Do you feel better now that you got that off your chest?

    Look, I don’t know what you are talking about. The things you are saying about us are simply not true. Maybe you are overdosing on far-left liberal propaganda. You are free to believe what ever you want. We live in a democracy and are free to advocate or oppose any and all legislation. If you feel strongly about an issue get behind it, but don’t blame us and our beliefs for laws you don’t like.


  2. Godless American says:

    I live in California. Are you telling me Prop 8 wasn’t religiously motivated? If you are, you’re lying to yourself and me.


  3. Godless American says:

    Oh, and I’m not blaming your “beliefs” I’m blaming you for pushing your beliefs on the rest of us. It was brought up before why is that atheists are so vocal against Christians, and I’ve given you a reason why I am a vocal atheist. Thankfully, it seems true progress is growing. Take a look at the younger generation, they are more progressive and more liberal than anything this nation has ever seen. (now I’m singing and dancing because this nation is truly seeing the light!)


  4. It was religious organizations and people that got Prop 8 on the ballet, but it was the people that voted it into law. That is the way the democratic system works. The people have spoken. I used to live there (10 years ago) and frankly I am not surprised by the outcome.


  5. We will continue to proclaim the good news and there will be people who will believe it. You can dance yourself silly; you have the rest of your life to celebrate. I will celebrate later.


  6. Dangerous Dan says:

    Blaming you for pushing your beliefs on the rest of us!

    Ah, yes, a complaint as old as time itself. If I had a dollar for every time I heard this one from my children…
    Let’s face it, morality is imposed (or pushed onto) us all, by all. It is healthy for our humanity that this is the case. The alternative is chaos, as every person would simply do what feels best without regard for others.
    The human condition is not one of selfless predisposition, as the ignorance of your religion claims. One only need take a long, honest, look into the mirror to see this.


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