John Martignoni’s video apologetics

Catholic apologist, John Martignoni decided to take his one-man apologetics show to You Tube. He intends to present a series called, “Questions Protestants can’t Answer.” He opens the series with this question: “Is a dead body really a body?” The analogy is that a body without a spirit is still a body though be it a dead body, and faith without works is still faith, but like a body without a spirit it is a dead faith.

So far very good and very biblical, but then Martignoni attempts to associate the doctrine of “faith alone” with dead faith. And how does Martignoni associate faith alone with dead faith? He doesn’t say. Martignoni offers nothing to support his accusation. Nevertheless he is willing to send his disciples out to confront Protestants with this accusation armed with nothing but ignorance and misconceptions.

Take a look.

If Catholics are going to confront Protestants on this issue, they better be prepared to talk about works, specifically works of the law.

Faith alone is a biblical doctrine and it refers to a living faith. Dead faith is faith that is not accompanied by the fruit of the Spirit, which is the works of God in us. There are indeed those who proclaim Christ yet lack the works of the Spirit in their lives, these have dead faith. But those who by faith have become a new creation in Christ are alive in Christ and Christ in manifested in them by the fruit they bear. When a person truly believes the Gospel of Christ they desire repentance, and in their repentance they change the way they talk, the way they treat others, and the way they perceive their neighbor. They begin to manifest the fruits of the Spirit, this faith is a living faith accompanied by good works.

Conversely, the Catholic view of faith plus works is entirely unbiblical. This view separates faith from works. If we apply this doctrine to the thief on the cross next to Jesus we have a conflict. In order for the thief to be saved, and we know he was, an exception has to be made to the Catholic doctrine. And if we are to say that a person can believe and be saved upon their deathbed we again have to make an exception to the doctrine. And again exceptions have to be made with regards to small children and the mentally handicapped. All this is proof that the Catholic doctrine of faith plus works is a doctrine of men.

In addition, the Catholic system, yes system, of salvation includes adherence to “canon law.” For example, if a Catholic does not go to mass on a day deemed mandatory by canon law, they supposedly commit mortal sin and are immediately removed from a state of grace. Then comes the exception; if they confess their “sin” to a priest and do the mandatory penance they can return to a state of grace.

Such laws were never intended to be imposed on Christians. Salvation by faith is accompanied by good works apart from any law. Catholics are told that their salvation is dependant upon following canon law, the Apostle Paul said,

The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control. against such there is no law.” (Gal. 5:22-23)


36 Responses to John Martignoni’s video apologetics

  1. Jim says:

    I have been purposefully avoiding reading any of Kevin Falloni’s comments as he is only interested in offending Catholic sensibilities.
    Nonetheless, my eyes fell on this on the other thread and so I am posting it here so it doesn’t get buried in the comments. I really think this needs addressing and will pursue it with you on your return.

    Kevin said on your blog,
    “im said ” people getting together in the bible for a bible study.” The upper room wss more like a bible study that it was what the French poet dabenies called the grand oprra of the poor ( mass) . There was no ringing of the bell and hocus pocus priescraft making the doe god on an altar. No adoring chapels with Jesus wafer being worshiped in a little prison and a giant statue of His mother looking down at Him.”

    Please note the “Hocus Pocus/Doe God ( the sick imbecile can’t even spell” dough”)
    We shall talk about this.
    Until Tuesday.


  2. Lori says:

    Brian, I’m so thankful for your blog it has helped me so much lately, I’m glad I found it. I’ve been Catholic for only 3 years and on my way out. Catholic radio is what got me, that is dangerous stuff they are professional convincers. I consider myself fortunate it was only 3 years. Thank you for all you do and all the research you do as well.


  3. Your words are very encouraging, Lori! Thank you so much for visiting. Thank God for giving you the depth of faith to see through their propaganda. I pray all is well with you and that you have found a church where God’s word is taught and believed. God bless you!



  4. Kevin says:

    Brian, that made my day. Many blessings God has brought from One Fold. Ptl. K


  5. Jesse says:

    Excellent responses, Brian. It appears that Roman Catholic apologists will do whatever it takes to discredit their opponents. I’ve also had one equate “faith alone” with a “dead faith”, and not accept correction upon receiving it. That incident took place here:


  6. I read De Mara’s post. In a comment to Jesse he said this…

    “On the contrary, it may be true for you, but many people who believe in Sola Fide deny that they have to do anything except claim to have faith in Jesus Christ in order to be saved.”

    This is a real puzzler to me. Sola Fide means faith alone. De Mara says, “many people who believe in Sola Fide deny that they have to do anything except claim to have faith in Jesus Christ in order to be saved.” How can “many people” believe in faith alone while at the same time only claim to have that faith?

    Notice how De Mara has to degrade adherence of Sola Fide to pretenders in order to make them look like the goats of Matthew 25. In reality it is those who do good works for the purpose of earning merit that are the goats. The sheep do good works from the heart, and as showed from Jesus, they are not necessarily aware that they are performing good works because their works are driven by compassion and love for God. In Catholicism there is a separation between faith and works. In that system, works are performed as a necessary means of receiving favor with God.

    When adherents of Sola Fide say they need not add works to their faith, they are correct. The branch bears fruit because it abides in the Vine, and abiding in the Vine is all we need to be conserved with. We would not be there if we weren’t drawn to God by true faith. And every branch that abides in the Vine will bear fruit, which are the good works produced from the Vine.

    In Catholicism the branches are required to produce their own fruit. That, of course, cannot be done. So in reality the only fruit-bearing branches in the Catholic Church are those whose works are produced from the Vine, i.e., the attributes of walking in the Spirit: love, compassion, selflessness, etc.


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