Nature of the “B” in LGBT

September 27, 2008

It occurred to me after writing my previous post that Justin R. Cannon has a bigger problem with his argument than I previously thought. As stated in my last post, Cannon presents the argument that the people Paul was referring to in Romans 1 were acting unnatural in their same-sex activities because they were heterosexual. If they had been homosexual this action, according to Cannon, would have been natural and acceptable.

The foundation of Cannon’s entire argument is based on people being created either homosexual or heterosexual. Each of these creations possess their own unique nature. So what is unnatural for one is natural for the other. If God created homosexuals with their nature and likewise heterosexuals with their nature, what nature do bisexuals possess? Did God create bisexuals with a dual nature?

Cannon includes bisexuals in his defense of the LGBT way of life, so what exactly does it mean for bisexuals to be part of God’s natural creation? Are they a special group of humankind created to have “natural” relations with either sex? If so, why did God create heterosexuals? Why are there homosexuals? Why didn’t God create us all to be bisexual thus allowing us to choose whichever lifestyle suits us? That way, people could not have been lead to “unnatural” relations because of their sin and Paul would not have condemned the behavior.

But the fact of the matter is God created women for men so that the two could be one flesh. Paul was rightly condemning same-sex actions as unnatural because they are. God created a heterosexual race only; and Justin R. Cannon’s self-defeating Bible study only serves to prove how true that is.