The Council of Jerusalem

Unlike any other book of the New Testament, the book of Acts is a historical work, and the so-called council of Jerusalem is a historical event. All too often historical events get interpreted through the lens of one’s current ideology. In the case of the Jerusalem council, the long-held interpretation that the apostles and elders came together to decide whether Gentiles need circumcision, was interpreted through the lens of post-Nicene church leaders who themselves asserted similar authority and needed a Scriptural example for doing it.

Unlike Christians in the past who were denied Scriptural examination, we have the privilege of not only examining Scripture, but to do it in any language or translation we like. So when Christians today propagate the same interpretations held by those who formed them for selfish gain, it astonishes me. It astonishes me because Luke, the author of the book of Acts, took valuable time and effort to lay the foundation of what transpired in Jerusalem nearly two millennia ago; context that is largely ignored.

A new page on the Onefold Blog details the event in context. Beginning with Paul’s conversion to the faith, the article walks the reader through the context laid out by Luke and adds historical insight. It follows Paul and Peter along different paths and demonstrates that they, and the other apostles and elders, had been of the same understanding regarding Gentiles for nearly twenty years prior to the meeting in Jerusalem. It examines the underlying issue in the Jerusalem church that grew like a cancer and eventually culminated in the largest controversy of the apostolic church.

To read the article, click here, or navigate through the menu above.

Thank you!

Brian Culliton
Onefold admin

25 Responses to The Council of Jerusalem

  1. Mike says:

    Brian – I’ve had contention with David since he came here. I was able to shut him down with Scripture, but now he’s making weird statements on unimportant points. Maybe he’s trying to pick a fight? If he’s not going to actually take the time to really look at Layne’s comments before he questions you, he’s not worth arguing with.


  2. Mike, David is Layne. I checked the IP address. A perfect match.


  3. Kevin says:

    Brian, and Layne had so many other aliases. Bob, Mark, Margaret, Debbie, David lol


  4. I would just like to remind him that his presence here is a representation of Roman Catholicism. His deceitful behavior is the spirit of Roman Catholicism. Sadly he is not the first to do this here.


  5. Mike says:

    That is just too funny Brian! I was going to suggest you do that. Scripture speaks of men like David Layne.

    But evil men and impostors will proceed from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived.

    Your point is well taken Brian that David Layne is a product of his religion – a deceiver. It’s truly unbelievable the lengths some will go to to try and hurt Christ and His flock, and lead people away from the truth. Good job outing him.


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